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About Uplighting

What is Uplighting?

Uplighting sometimes known as mood lighting are flood lights that are placed at ground level and give walls, door ways, arches and anything else a vibrant wash of colour. Colours including reds, greens, pinks, golds, blues and more and these can be mixed.


This will instantly transform a venue and give a real atmosphere all controlled easily from one point. 

What can uplighting do?

This is great for highlighting architectural highlights within a room and will really bring a venue to life. 


As part of the hire a control board is included to control your lighting. This means that different colours can be used i.e. blue and pink or any mixture or colours of your choice. This is great for colour matching for weddings.


As part of this we are able to program our lighting with changes as your event happens!


These lighting changes are great for changing the mood of a room i.e. lights can change colour and be dimmed for a first dance another example is a day to night change with one press of a button.


We are more than happy to discuss what we are able to do for your event to really set the mood. We are also able to set the lighting to follow music giving your venue a great disco feel for parties.

About your Venue

The number of uplighthers needed will depend on your venue size and budget and the type of event you are planning.


Please contact us about what you are looking for and any ideas you may have and suggestions we can make to make your event standout.


Safety is very important to us, we ensure all cables and tucked away and we fully plan the lighting around the venue to ensure there are no safety issues.

We understand that organising an event can be very stressful so we install, instruct you on how to set the lighting to your liking and clear away afterwards.

  • Installation will take about one to two hour depending on the size of venue.

  • If extra lights are required these can be added an additional cost.

  • We have full public liability insurance.

  • For complete information on hiring our uplighting please click the button below or click to contact us.

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