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Create an atmosphere at your event that will catch the imagination both inside and out!

Theming a venue, whether inside or out can really add to your guest's experience of your event. We aim to create a unique party atmosphere; combining props and set dressing items not to be found in your local supermarket.

We offer a range of options to suit your needs and are always happy to work to your own ideas if we can. Please contact us with your ideas.

Haunted House Theme #T1

Haunted House Theming Package includes:

  • Uplighting x2 - we are able to provide uplighting for your venue with a choice of colours to transform your venue to eerie effect. More available.
  • Ceiling hangings - our handmade Haunting ceiling drapes lend an old, chilling dilapidated look and will change a room's atmosphere instantly. All materials used are fire proofed.
  • Wall decor - haunted pictures and crumbling wall transfers.
  • Smoke machine.
  • Static and animated props - a haunted house is not complete without something waiting in the dark. We offer two large props as part of this theming package, take a look at the pictures below to see some of the options. More are available on request.
  • For further information and quotes, please contact us:

The Graveyard #T2

Add a really haunted setting to your venue with the help of dramatic lighting and sound effects all included in our old spooky graveyard. Perfect for setting the scene at the entrance to your venue or providing a spooky surprise in the garden.


This theming package can be placed inside or out and is available in various options:

  • The graveyard can include 5 - 20 free-standing gravestones.
  • Includes dramatic outdoor lighting to build the eerie effect.
  • Six metres of graveyard fences.

  • Spooky sound effects.
  • As part of this package we offer two props for the graveyard. More props also available by clicking below.
  • For further information and quotes, please contact us below so we can meet your specific needs.
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